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Your bad experiences with medical experts

Discussion in 'Dr. Visits' started by Horatio Hufnagel, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Horatio Hufnagel

    Horatio Hufnagel New Member

    Curiously, attempts at seeking medical help have been troublesome not just for some, but for quite a few of us. In order to see the pattern here it would be useful to collect these experiences. It is important that they are somewhere mentioned.

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  2. Horatio Hufnagel

    Horatio Hufnagel New Member

    It has been misdiagnosed (a suspected diagnosis of the doctor i obviusly didn't follow any further) as acute perfusion problem of the eye. Not without giving me the crazy-look when I reported the symptoms. My VS has been misdiagnosed as floaters. It has been misdiagnosed by the same doctor as floaters again (a few years later) even after the study was available. He simply refused to read it.
  3. Jackie Vest

    Jackie Vest Active Member

    I've been misdiagnosed with Persistent Migraine Aura (the doctors even admitted that it was a diagnosis by elimination of other possible issues, because they had never heard of my symptoms before and did not know what to make of it).
    Repeatedly drilled about illegal drug use.
    Repeatedly asked about my over-all happiness, home life happiness, stress, if I've seen a therapist.
    Asked over and over by the same physicians to describe my symptoms again and again.
    Brought to a vision chart, read off the chart, then told that I "see just fine."
    Assured that I must be stressed even if I don't realize it.
    I've left so many appointments crying and trying to even decide if I am sane.
    I finally came across Visual Snow Syndrome, knew it was exactly my condition, and ultimately diagnosed myself.
    I documented my troubling experiences here: http://jackievest.com/2014/06/visual-snow/

    ...But I also did finally have a breakthrough WONDERFUL experience which I documented here: http://jackievest.com/2014/09/my-news-interview-on-visual-snow/
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  4. Afenglow

    Afenglow New Member

    Doctors calling me crazy, rolling their eyes at my symptoms, dismissing my suggestions and questions, asking how my personal relationships are going, telling me over and over again I'm just overly stressed or emotionally strained, insisting my eyes are healthy and my vision is fine and sit there in silence when I tell them for the 100th time what I'm seeing. I stopped going to doctors after the first three or four times of that, self-diagnosed.
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  5. Rowan

    Rowan New Member

    Opticians had no idea, doctors had no idea. Got told it was probably anxiety, "this may just be how you are" and that i had grit in my eye. Clearly I wasn't very good at explaining
  6. Joan

    Joan New Member

    Saying: "perhaps stress!" Asking me: "are you not happy that your MRI brain scan is fine?"
  7. Vampyrebat

    Vampyrebat New Member

    Over the past 28 years of explaining my symptoms to GP's, Neurologists, Opticians and other eye specialist not one had ever mentioned this condition or thought to look into it. I actually came across the condition last week when combining my conditions all together and there it was!! It is a sad state of affairs when you research and find out yourself...........And they have still not heard of it. Do these specialists not do CPD????
  8. Iteru

    Iteru New Member

    My main opticians said they had heard of the symptoms I was describing when I first mentioned it just over a decade ago at my first ever eye checkup but they weren't able to help and after establishing that it wasn't too much of a hindrance (for me personally at least) didn't follow up or refer to anyone.

    More recently I was looking into laser eye surgery and when asking if VS would be a complication was told that the main Dr there has "in almost 30 years of ophthalmology and 50,000 procedures he has never seen it or caused it.". I'm near certain they had never truly heard of it before to think that he could "cause" it.
  9. darkforest577

    darkforest577 New Member

    i dont understand why so many doctors assume its just depression or anxiety, its an physical problem, not a mental, tho it does affect you mentally
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