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Discussion in 'Treatments' started by missgord, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. missgord

    missgord Member

    Xanax (.25mg, lowest dose) seems to make the visual snow less noticeable for me (it doesn't vibrate as quickly and appears smaller). I only take it when my symptoms are really bad since it's addictive (maybe once or twice a month). I am on an anti-depressant to help deal with anxiety about my symptoms, and since being on it I can usually forget that I'm "sick" and accept my symptoms as the "new normal", so I don't think that the xanax is just me being less anxious about symptoms. That being said, who really knows?
  2. Jackie Vest

    Jackie Vest Active Member

    Thank you, thats good to know! Mostly, my symptoms are "moderate." But a few times a month my symptoms become very exaggerated, wild, and unbearable. Like my whole head is humming or buzzing with all the activity. I don't experience anxiety, perhaps in these instances a low dose might be an option for me...
  3. missgord

    missgord Member

    I initially used it as anti-anxiety; now I use it to to take the edge off of my worst symptoms. Although I think it probably works for both.

    I've read before on forums that people with neuro lyme also take xanax to help ease their worst neuro symptoms. But I'm not sure how many people actually have lyme. That's actually a topic I'm interested in exploring with the group. I'll create a topic about it.
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  4. Jackie Vest

    Jackie Vest Active Member

    Yes, please do post about the Lyme. My aunt has it along with terrible migraines and neuro symptoms.
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