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VS ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fakher1, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Fakher1

    Fakher1 New Member

    Hi guys , here are my symptoms :
    - very intense blue field entoptic phenomenon .
    - halos
    - glare
    - light splashes ( maybe do to my eyelashes )
    - micropsia
    - surfaces are not clear
    - sun light appear weird like I look through a sun glasses
    - things don't appear normal ( it is hard to describe )
    - psychological problems ....
    My problem started when hair wax entered my eyes and worsened with time ( i felt my eyes are very dry and itchy ) , I also experienced some eye problems before that ( blurred vision ) .
    ( At that moment I was panicked and I was thinking that hair wax will destroy my cornea and develope something like a membrane around it and I was very depressed and experienced derealization when symptoms developed )
    I also witnessed a traumatic event days before that .
    3-5 months before , I was diagnosed with ocd and doctor prescribed anti depressant and INSOMINIA DRUG which I don't remember it's name but I suddenly stopped taking them and never got back to the doctor .
    The reason I got to the psychiatre was related to my vision too .
    My vision was normal and there was none of the symptoms above but I was focusing alot on my vision that I was unable to mantain my sight on a moving objects , the same thing when you focus on breath .
    This thing was disabling me and I thought that there is something in my eyes and I was always searching for something to explain this problem that is why I went to the psychiatre .
    No one of my family listened to me which caused me destress and hidden feelings especially after ocd drugs did nothing .
    Maybe this feelings wanted to express it self in the reality which caused me those symptoms above .
    Or maybe something related to the drug which I stopped taking .
    Or maybe a mixture of both .
    Please help me guys , is it conversion disorder ? Hppd ? Or something else .
    I went to many ophthalmologists and they all Said that my eyes are fine and that no problem with them .
    The only thing they found was blepharitis which the doctor told me that it doesn't cause vision problems .
    I have no refractive errors only 0.5 astigmatism , I tried glasses but the samething .
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018

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