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VS & Nerve Damage My story

Discussion in 'Symptoms' started by RubyJ, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. RubyJ

    RubyJ New Member

    As of 2 months ago I didn't have a clue what VS was...now it's literally starting to ruin my everyday life! I wanted to post this to see if anybody had similar symptoms to me. Basically over the last 6 months I have developed what can only be described as Small nerve or Peripheral nerve damage (alodynia, hyperalgia, shooting pains, aching and temperature sensitivity which has gradually spread to every inch of my body) I'm currently under neuro and under going tests/MRI etc. My ears crackle and pop after every word and my hearing is muffled, now VS has creeped in and is gradually getting worse by the day. This got me thinking...is VS linked to small nerve damage at all? I have what can only be described as hypersensitive nerves to pain, temp even random onset of sensitive teeth that ache and burning eyes! I've never suffered migraines before but the aches and pains I get in my head and eyes can't even be stopped by ibuprofen and paracetamol! I get tinnitus, extremely sensitive to lights even traffic lights! Glare, halos and in supermarkets or places with bright lights I feel like Nothing is real! My eyes feel so heavy and tired all the time and feel sensitive to even a slight breeze, I'm constantly sqinting and blinking and my eyes sometime feel itchy and gritty! Also have floaters and fast moving tiny squiggles!
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  2. rosophado1

    rosophado1 New Member

    It’s weird that you say that because shortly before my VS started I experienced the same type of pains: shooting pains, aching etc. However when I saw my doctor about it she told me it was anxiety...? Eventually the pains went away but the VS remained.
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