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Visual Snow Gone and Over 30 Symptoms Healed

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Lewis Rowlands, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Lewis Rowlands

    Lewis Rowlands New Member

    Hello my friends.

    Wow, what an intense few years.

    6 years ago I was crippled by massive amounts of health conditions. I counted over 30 symptoms.

    candida / chronic yeast infections
    chronic ear infection
    disconnected from reality
    feeling of living inside a bubbl
    Visual Snow
    Teeth Aching
    Involentry hand movements
    Tingling Skin
    Electrohypersensitivity (EMF problems)
    Toe Fungus
    Allergies (hayfever)
    Inability to sweat in the sun
    bad breath
    Dry Skin
    Hair Loss
    Bleeding Gums
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (extreme)
    Brain Fog
    Light Flashes in periferal
    A buzzing sensation throughout the body
    A heavy dullness at the bottom of the brain
    heart palpitations
    dark eye bags
    prolonged afterimages
    trailing images
    tight muscles

    Over 6 years I healed them using something called a Nutritional Balancing program. Here are two videos talking about my personal journey which will give you more info than what I can write.
    Our healing journey (this was made two years ago, even healthier now)

    Part 1 - Burnout, Visual Snow and Accutane - this is quite old too but still informative.

    My visual snow has gone. I do have a theory behind it and I believe copper to have played a huge roll in my healing.

    Please watch this video I made on Visual Snow

    So far with the people I help in ALL CASES, we have discovered copper toxicity
    All about copper imabalance

    And in ALL CASES, some degree of Adrenal Burnout!!!

    Apologies I have sent videos and not text but I feel i can get across better through video.
    I'd love to help and spread the word about this as much as possible and I need your help!!
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  2. Scotsofrenic

    Scotsofrenic New Member

    Hi Lewis. ... I will be watching your videos in great detail!
    Thanks for taking the time to upload your experiences.
    Did it take 6 years to heal yourself?

    Regards Scott

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