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Visual Snow as Video Game Reality

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Signal, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Signal

    Signal New Member

    I'm sorry, the title sounds bad, I wasn't sure how to explain.
    Unreality content warning.

    For anyone else, did visual snow make you think that the world was actually a video game? Before I knew what visual snow was, and sometimes on days my mental stability worsens, my brain likens the snow to pixels. So for a long time, I thought that my visual snow was because I knew the "truth" and was able to see the fabric of the video game we lived in, that everything was pixely/staticky and less defined (I'm not sure if worsened ability to perceive 3D/distance is a visual snow thing though) and that that's why not everyone could see the static. It also made me feel like I was watching something instead of living life because of the snow's similarity to tv static.

    I was curious if these experiences resonated with anyone else, especially for before they knew what visual snow was, or if they also started experiencing visual snow when they were quite young. (I can't remember when mine set on, but it was likely before middle school, but I don't have evidence.)

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