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Visual Snow as New Year Present

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by wicky_boy, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. wicky_boy

    wicky_boy New Member


    I've had Visual Snow post migraine since just turned 2018.

    Day in and day out I feel very spacey, pain behind my eyes and of course after images, trailers, floaters and of course static in the dark.

    My GP sent me to the Eye Hospital who confirmed my eyes are ok and that I need to see a neurologist and am now awaiting referral to a neurologist.

    I also have Lupus(SLE) which is not currently active but take medication for.

    Has anyone found any connection with SSRI's? As I am on Sertraline.

    Anyway hi to fellow warriors!

  2. Hi Wicky!

    A great BIG welcome to your new super vision of sub-atomic particles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...Yeah ok maybe not

    You’ll get used to your symptoms and find ways to cope through various ways. You should check out the thread on drugs out to see what others are taking. But don’t self prescribe yourself weed (someone is doing that as treatment) or anything like that, since it’s not worth the risk of potentially making the problem harder to deal with when you are still getting used to this new world.

    It depends on what you’re taking Setraline for. SSRI’s are typically used as anti-depressants, and although mood can affect the visibility of the visual anomalies, the cause of Visual Snow is thought to be biological.
  3. wicky_boy

    wicky_boy New Member

    No weed involved here. Though I am taking a CBD supplement which only has a trace (0.02%) THC . I have found this helps me sleep and wake up in the morning and damps my anxiety.

    The sertraline is used mainly for reducing obsessive behaviour and anti-depressant and has stabilised my mood.

    I’ve found that what affects mine the most is broken sleep. Though the CBD doesn’t reduce the visual effects it does help me sleep which helps it not get really bad.

    I don’t want to suggest anyone should take a CBD supplement. As a rule always be very wary of supplements. A lot of them are not what the claims to be.

  4. That’s it— it's the THC. Someone on the forum said that their treatment was taking concentrated amounts of THC to ‘treat’ it. And like you said, we should all be wary of supplements, as most of them are just there to cover up the symptoms and not to attack the root of the problem.

    I only ask since anxiety and high levels of stress have been correlated with VS. Lack of sleep makes it more visible and harder to ignore. My stress levels have slowly been on the rise throughout my life, but I guess that's part of growing up. I could see that as a potential underlying cause to VS.

    How long have you been taking CBD for? VS could be your body’s response to not enough natural production of the supplement you’re taking.
  5. wicky_boy

    wicky_boy New Member

    I started taking the CBD after about a month of Visual Snow (its undiagnosed but probable).

    My anxiety peaked just after the visual snow started as I didn’t know what it was. I also suffer from tinnitus and I have auditory hallucinations. So I panicked at first when the Visual Snow symptoms turned up. My insomnia was also out of control.

    I got the CBD in the hope it would cure the Visual Snow which it didn’t but it did help a lot with the anxiety, my Obsessive Compulsive tendencies and sleep. When I take the CBD I can almost feel it calming me down.

    I don’t think THC is a good idea in my case as I’m on an anti-depressant and I don’t want the THC and Setraline competing; THC over 0.05% is illegal in the U.K.; I don’t want to be high all the time; Drug driving is illegal (as it should be in 99.99% cases).

    I’ve found the CBD to be a good periphery complement to the medication I already take.

    Yeah I think it can get worse as you get older. My feeling is that my auto-immune problems and anxiety is linked to my immune system; my circumstances; my archetype; the style the society I’m in operates in; the generation gap between me and my older siblings; my hyper awareness; OCD tendencies; Trump ;-) you name it. It’s like having a hungry addict inside of your mind.

    It’s strange because my anxiety is not about everything and has very specific triggers but is very generalised and is just there and present:
  6. How much do you know about CBD other than the effects it causes? It seems like there is just a little bit more known about CBD than VS...

    Which part is TLDR; ?

    Sounds like just about everything can set it off. Anxiety is for sure a tough beast to handle. A hungry addict? I’ve heard of this guy on YouTube who learned how to properly meditate by taking a month long course in some other country to which he believes that this was the solution to curing his VS. Again, not something I’d jump into, but it’s at least worthwhile to consider just how much of a potential cause (or at least an aggravator) anxiety can be.

    Also, do you have instances where as a normally logical person you will get struck by intense emotion that can’t be suppressed by logic?

    Hope I’ve addressed everything in your last post!
  7. wicky_boy

    wicky_boy New Member

    Well there is thousands of years of annecdotal evidence. Science has observed a dampening affect and is doing further research. It has been found to be well tolerated in the body by science.

    I have certain triggers that will spark up the anxiety and obsessive behaviour. Knowing the situations that trigger it off is not enough to avoid but helps me remain rational during an attack. That and the CBD.
  8. Okay I’m not entirely convinced that CBD you’re taking now is the same as it was 500 or even 1000 years ago. It might have the same effect as it has in the past. Glad that it can help you, and hopefully you won’t need it within a few years or so.

    That’s a great start! Keep finding whatever else helps!
  9. wicky_boy

    wicky_boy New Member

    Well I am speaking figuratively and marijuana plant certainly has changed as have other cultivation’s:

    The type of cannabis plant used to create the CBD I am taking is Sativa-L which I believe is the type that had a very low THC level and was used to create rope and paper in the sailing ship days. Regular Hemp was a very well known crop and was phased in in America in the 30’s after an industrialist who funded a presidential campaigned successfully lobbied for the prohibition of hemp. Not coincidentally he was a lumber magnate and after hemp was banned he made a killing using his lumber to replace hemp.

    This is the same plant I believe which was used to create Sativex.
  10. Speaking figuratively?

    So you’re basically taking supplements of a grinder sailboat? Lol

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