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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by amy, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. amy

    amy New Member

    Has anyone else found that after there first episode of VS that there normal vision seemed to lesson to some extent? Mine seems to have gotten a little worse after having my first VS episode. I hope its not permanent and hasnt damaged my regular vision like im starting to think it has.
  2. Native

    Native New Member

    I've notice the same thing but I think it was after i did the eye exam, the drops they use to dilate the pupil can mess with your vision afterwards
  3. Rachel UK

    Rachel UK New Member

    I haven't noticed any change, but I think the shimmer of the visual static can make it seem like your normsl vision has worsened. Also reading is sometimes difficult due to ghosting or after images and so that feels like my normal vision has worsened, but it hasn't.
  4. Native

    Native New Member

    Maybe that's the reason i think that my vision has got worse.. Good point..

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