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Really VS or 'just' anxiety?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by darthdule777, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. darthdule777

    darthdule777 New Member


    I am concerned about VS for the last couple of weeks and really not sure how much of this static is normal and if I am exaggerating this effect. I had enough of reading here because I am always in between "normal or maybe just above average static" or visual snow. I am male, 33 years old and living in Germany.

    First, my health problems started at the beginning of 2017. I had a hard time, stress, anxiety and so on. Was sure that I had some problems with lungs/heart because I had trouble breathing sometimes and chest pain. After seeing some doctors, I was convinced that it is just "back problems" which I suffer for some years. High muscle tension and scoliosis. Just as I calmed down a bit and everything went better I developed Tinnitus, which I had since today 24/7 to varyying degress but always there. It's hard coping with Tinnitus since, but there are also more optimistic periods. Started Psychological Therapy because of this ringing at various frequencies.

    Shortly after the onset of Tinnitus I started noticing some flickering in my peripheral vision. Got upset a few times but then somehow forgot it and did not notice it most of the time. Shortly after this, I noticed eye floaters which are not easy to ignore because there at least a dozen of this floaters. Got used to this somehow, too. I know from Tinnitus groups that a lot of people notice this together with Tinnitus but Ialways put it aside as something not related to Tinnitus and just focussing on vision / hearing more that 'normal' people.

    A few months ago, life started to be good again. Found a really nice girl, or did she find me? :)

    On February I was diagnosed with TMD/CMD. My health insurace covered the whole stuff, because it is mouch pronounced in my case. My lower joint is over 1cm to much a the back. Wearing bracelets since 6 weeks and in about one year there should be an operation, cutting my joints and moving it forward for about this 1cm. Two doctors said, there is no alternative because it is too heavy in my case.

    Now, a few weeks ago I notices some grainy vision, especially in office light or low light. I am sure I noticed this a few months ago for the first time outdoors while looking far onto some realy dark areas. It seemed like really fine and shimmering rain. Now I notice it more. On blank walls, white or black. But my girlfriend has this, too. As far as I know, most people see some static-like effects looking at flat surfaces? Although, some people dont see this.I almost forgot that it is also normal to see this or similar effect (grainy vision) in low light conditions during the evening or in a darker room at daylight and had to calm myself down that this is normal. Outdoors, during bright daylight or the sun I can only see it when I am looking at some really dark areas. It is not very pronounced but visible when I look for it. Indoors, stuff seems 'vibrating'. It is more like very fine and almost transparent grainy effect. Visible in my office. But when I look outside through the windows at some trees in the sunlight where there is acutally some compex texture I can concentrate how much I want but cannot see it. Maybe in some really dark areas inbetween the leaves of trees. Again, not very pronounced. The most visible effect is indoors, everything seems a little vibrating. No problems reading stuff, though and around 90-100% vision with glasses.

    Also, the grey status bar in Chrome's incognito-mode seems a little shimmery and grainy.The black text ond white background seem to vibrate a bit, too. BUT, isn't this normal? I thought I remeber this effect for ages.

    All this stuff is not very intense in most conditions but it is scaring the **** out of me. I've been on sick leeve for one week now because I am in some dark place right now. Haven't eaten almost anything for the last week and this is not helping very much to gain some optimistic energy again.

    Is this just me or really VS? Is it just normal or maybe slightly above average increased visual static, most of the people can see? Maybe some effects of anxiety or problems with my joints? The doctors had no idea, of course. My eyes and retina are fine.

    Help is appreciated :)
  2. Electric Fields

    Electric Fields New Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I only recently joined here and there doesn't seem to be much traffic. You may be interested to read my introduction post if you haven't already. It shares some of my own story. Having the problem is one thing. Adjusting to it is another.

    A major issue is that VS is poorly understood and, at least in the United States, it seems rare enough that a lot of general-practice doctors and some neurologists don't even know about it. It looks like a lot of people have VS in addition to other health problems. There is also the complication that people with VS seem to get misdiagnosed with various other conditions due to the symptoms of VS, which can include headaches, anxiety, difficulty paying attention, and more.

    Another issue is that we all have different subjective experience and interpret sensation differently. From looking over this forum and elsewhere, it seems that there are different degrees of VS, that it may present differently for individuals who have it, and that our psychological differences cause us to respond and cope with it differently.

    Like you, my eyes are fine. I have a slight tracking issue that is worse when tired. It didn't show up in my first two eye exams but did on a third that I took late in the day. (Trying to get to the root of this problem can be a real ordeal and typically involves a lot of extraneous tests.) I also find that black text on a white background is difficult. (I feel like this forum might want to change its default!) Like you, my VS tends to be worse indoors. People have complained about fluorescent lighting for years but I think it poses extra problems for those of us with VS. I've been exploring different kinds and colors of light. Anything that makes visual life more tolerable is a good thing and every little bit helps.

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