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Poll: Other Symptoms

Discussion in 'Symptoms' started by administrator, Jul 14, 2014.


Symptoms Accompanying VS

  1. Palinopsia (After Images, Trailers)

  2. Photopsia (Flashes of Light)

  3. Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon

  4. Floaters

  5. Shapes and Colors

  6. Migraine with Aura

  7. Tinnitus

  8. Anxiety

  9. Other (Reply with Symptoms)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Kirsty

    Kirsty New Member

    Oh right.. and ohh right lol. Thanks, yeah maybe I should do that as I'm gonna go to the doctors anyway
    Riddle likes this.
  2. Andre

    Andre New Member

    Normal physical condition. In the center vision area of the eye humans have more photoreceptor cells, as a result the center area has a redcuced light sensitivity than the peripherals. Due to your condition it is just that this effect is more noticeable to you. It is not an abnormal finding.
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  3. Signal

    Signal New Member

    It's sad to see that floaters and tinnitus are so extremely common on the poll. I have just one floater, but it's already annoying enough due to me being easily distracted by moving things, and it's quite distinct. I have had tinnitus for a while as well, and have wondered if it is connected to my visual snow. Visual snow has a lot of word-connection to technology, since it is static-looking and sometimes even has bars of thicker static (like a TV) that move down as well. (Well, the latter one I have not heard of anyone else except for me experiencing...) And now electronic noises because of the high-pitched ear-screeching in tinnitus, which for me is mostly in my right ear. It makes it difficult to read.
  4. prant prallsi

    prant prallsi New Member

    if I play dumb and stay busy it seems to lesson bit what I'm currently having problems with is the frustration and anger I can make when it gets overwhelming like every 4 56 months ill have a huge breakdown just sick of everything everyone and I feel li
  5. prant prallsi

    prant prallsi New Member

    wow it cutoff
    I guess it cut off.lol
  6. Rohit Raina

    Rohit Raina New Member

    I am from India and my english is not too good.I have been suffering from VS for past 14 years, in present my age is 28.but vs is not my main concern my main problem is my body balance. From past 14 years I feel that i am standing on boat 24×7.can anyone help me and anyone suffering from body balance problem with vs. Plz reply..
  7. Rohit Raina

    Rohit Raina New Member

    Continues Body imbalance for past 14 years. I feel that i am standing on a boat.

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