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Poll: How long have you had VS?

Discussion in 'Symptoms' started by Jackie Vest, Aug 8, 2014.


How long have you had VS?

  1. 0-6 Months

  2. 7-12 Months

  3. 1-3 Years

  4. 4-6 Years

  5. 7+ Years

  6. Lifelong

  1. Jackie Vest

    Jackie Vest Active Member

    How long have you had VS?
  2. Riddle

    Riddle New Member

    I put 0-6 months because that's how long ago I noticed it as it got a lot worse overnight...but looking back I think it's possible I had very mild static for many years.
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  3. JM Kraemer

    JM Kraemer New Member

    Riddle I'm in the same boat. I've probably had VS for longer. But I never made the connection between night time and day time. In fact it wasn't until I started seeing this stuff in the day time that I got worried.
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  4. Riddle

    Riddle New Member

    The day time stuff came on suddenly for me but I had problems looking at certain patterns and flooring for years, I think I had mild static but never thought to question it. I almost wish I could go back in time and see how I used to see to compare - of course, I wish even more I didn't have VS!
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  5. Guiguio

    Guiguio New Member

    I have visual snow of the broadband type, i also suffer from photosensitivity, after images, negative images of thigns i look at for a long time. I like fkn disco in the dark. As a trip of acid that would never end. Of course, my night vision is poor. I have a big spider web floaters inmy right eye. I suffer from miopia. I also ahve Etd which as a matter with my eustachus trump. It scrunches all day long and it look like it causes me little head haches. Also my eyes do not see the same color. One sees more bluishh and the other more brown yellow ish. My eyes are green . I have been abusing computer video games since im 9 years old. I am actually 20 now. Winter is coming fuck it. Not again plz not. Why do i live in fkn montreal. It all started around 15 years old. I took a lot of weed and magic mushrooms in this area. Actually I have never bad tripped of my life. It never happened. I think it's link with over activity in my brain. I can feel it. Drugs + video games + masturbation porn + doing sport may overstimulate my brain. Now i still smoke i don't play hockey anymore. I was playing Midget BB first year when i stopped because looking at the ice would drive me crazy. My optometrist tought i was crazy. I also suffer from blue entropic phenomenom. When i watch grids i get mad and i can still c the up in my vision. Really no more grids. Sorry I am french lol my english is bad ^^.

    I do not give any shit, i will take BENZODIAZEPINE. I need it. Those floaters are making me obsesssiv, not anxious. I just smoke more weed every day. I still see them, but i smoke special morrocan aaa Hash that blocks my mind. I can't even think. It blocks my mind. That's what i need.
  6. Rohit Raina

    Rohit Raina New Member

    I have been suffring from vs for past 14 years. I m 28 now but my main concern is my body balance. I feel that i m standing on a boat. What is this ? Plz reply.. Sorry my english is bad.
  7. Nick wrightsel

    Nick wrightsel New Member

    I put 7-12 months.. developed my VS on March 23rd 2017! Skipped taking my ADHD medication for a month.. and when I continued taking my regular dosage, I felt very weird when it started to wear off (what I now know as derealization) I felt like I was in a snow globe, and it felt like water was running under my head, I was in the shower but it still scared me, caused my first panic attack in years.. I eventually calmed down and went to sleep, in the morning, I awoke to my walls flickering in static, in my new strange world. I don’t remember if I immediately had anxiety, but it’s more constant now, but less intense than the first few months.. and the depression set in after 4 months. That’s my story!! Haha
  8. Do you still have anxiety today? I find that my mood and feelings are dependent on how much I notice the static.

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