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Please help , do my symptoms sound like visual snow?

Discussion in 'Symptoms' started by Belle, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. Belle

    Belle New Member

    Hi everyone really need some help as it has been a very distressing year for me!
    Since last may after a bad diet and a period of intense excercise I began experiencing some strange visual symptoms that ophthalmologists are baffled by ..
    I firstly have a strange light problem where when I look at any source of light, the glare will stream downwards every time I blink (it’s quite difficult to explain)
    I have vibrating vision which is worse in the morning when I first wake up as it pulsates with my heartbeat, it looks very static
    I also get ghosting that is worse when I look at contrasted things (so for example when I look at white text on a black background!)
    Also when I look at the floor it can sometimes look like it is moving??? It’s so hard to explain.

    I have some other symptoms that I’m unsure whether they are related or not such as:
    Dry joints that click all the time
    Loss of appetite
    Derealization and detachment from myself
    Severe anxiety and low mood

    I have been to countless doctors who have no idea what’s wrong. Would love some advice !
    Thanks, Belle
  2. Hi Belle,

    I don’t know the specific name to your light problem, but after loooking into a bright light, or being outside where a lot of light has been reflected, I will see blobs of light green light that darken to purple and then disappear of a few objects I saw just a few seconds ago. This is kind of like the radar weather map combined with illusory palinopsia.

    Static is a clear indicator of Visual Snow (VS). The intensity of the static can vary by person over the course of a day, but generally VS is more noticeable when there is less light (i.e. in the morning and at night).

    Yup, ghosting is one of the characteristics of VS. Keep in mind that not all people with VS will have all the symptoms.

    I recommend taking a look at this study for more details and stats: https://academic.oup.com/brain/article/137/5/1419/334357

    Hope this helps!
  3. marto

    marto New Member

    I have EXACTLY the same symptom as you

    I have also vibrating vision which is worse in the morning and pulse with heartbate !!!!

    If you find something about this,please tell me!
  4. Hi marto,

    By vibrating vision, do you mean your entire field of vision moves about because your eyeballs involuntarily move quickly?

    I am not a doctor, though I am quite interested in treating the potential causes of VS which is why I post long replies so that we all can get closed to finding a solution. Since I can only confidently recommend methods to help the symptoms that’s I know of, you should try posting in some other threads and you could find someone who could discuss this more thoroughly and be more helpful than I would be.

    Hope this helps!
  5. marto

    marto New Member

    Hello, thx for you reply, no my eyes doesn't move at all, its my vision
    Its like the light is vibrating !
    I see a kind of TRANSPARENT shadow or moving courvature , im sure , its not floaters
    I think it has to do with the light !
    I have a kind of wavy vision

    If im looking at a wall, I see some disturbance, its like the light is vibrating !

    If im moving and look at a wall, the disturbance is significantly decreased !
    If I blink , the disturbance is decreased for maybe 1 second

    I don't see white dots or something like that, I have just the impression that the light is vibrating ! , its like there is ELECTRICITY !

    I didn't think its visual snow because I dont see white dots, or black dots... I see normally but with some disturbance of the light...
  6. Hm, sounds like a variation of VS.
    How long have you had this for and do you notice any change it the intensity?
    Do you take any meds/drugs?
    Also, have you talked to anybody about this?

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