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Overcome your anxiety

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Scotsofrenic, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Scotsofrenic

    Scotsofrenic New Member

    Hi there guys
    I just wanted to say that if you are battling extreme anxiety then please please try Hemp CBD oil , it is non psychoactive so you cannot get high from it.
    I was battling extreme anxiety last year and came across the CBD from a friend who recommended it to me. My anxiety has since stopped and I can go about my daily life much better.
    Dosage wise.... start with maybe 3 drops in the morning and double that before bed.
    I now take 5 drops in the morning and 10 before bed and this has helped me !
    It does not get rid of my visal snow or floaters.... but it allows me to not constantly think about them all the time.
    I can tell you first hand that antidepressants are not the answer for your problems and they only mask the underlying problem which will eventually resurface and you will have to repeat the cycle over and over.
    Hemp is completely natural and is much safer than putting dirty man made chemicals into your body.
    I hope this helps at least one person and I hope I don't offend anybody!
    If anyone would like to know what brand I use then please ask as I'm not hear to try and promote any company or sell you anything.
    Could a moderator move this post to the correct category please if I have posted it in the wrong place.
    Thank you
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
  2. Mhatoh

    Mhatoh New Member

    I have a depressive disorder for many years now. It started when my mom and dad got a divorce. And i am the only child so it's really hard for me to accept it. Everyday i wake up i don't know what will i do or should i continue my life. Luckily i have this friend who introduce me the CBD at first i don't know what will be the effect of this. But i tried taking it and it really helps me a lot. I'm taking 100mg of CBD as well same as yours. So now i believe that CBD is the best solution. And here's more info that i read about it https://www.worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com/blogs/marijuana-news/marijuana-the-best-solution
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