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Newly acquired VS

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rachel UK, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Rachel UK

    Rachel UK New Member

    Hi, i've just joined up to the forum having acquired VS a few days ago. I'm still getting used to the static fuzz and after images and I'm not sure if my symptoms have settled yet so the whole thing is quite worrying. Looking forward to reading about the experience of others.
  2. Native

    Native New Member

    Try to read less and if you can, don't watch any TV or play any videos games also limit the time you spend on your phone, that helps alot
  3. Rachel UK

    Rachel UK New Member

    Ha ha that's my entire work and home life! I assume that by doing these things, like being on the computer all day at work, I only make that day more difficult and do not make the symptoms permanently worse?
  4. Native

    Native New Member

    I understand from your point of view but i realize that by avoiding these things and taking daily intake of natural vitamins and minerals my vs is barely visible.. Almost gone completely ☺
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  5. Rachel UK

    Rachel UK New Member

    That's really interesting and makes me more hopeful for the future.
  6. Native

    Native New Member

    There is hope, as the saying goes, nothing is forever...
  7. VSnow222

    VSnow222 New Member

    Hi Native, what vitamins and minerals are you taking right now? I recently started taking omega 3 supplements, and also a daily multivitamin.

    Does anyone have any experience with high doses of vitamin B12 and whether that helps? Thanks all.
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  8. Native

    Native New Member

    Your on the right track... Also try to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, let your plate look like a rainbow with different color fruits and vegetables.. ☺
  9. darkforest577

    darkforest577 New Member

    i read alot, watch tv, and play video games, the only things that take my mind off it lol, and for me, i can confirm doing any of those does not make it worse, or better at all, for me its always the same en less my state of mind changes...actually, when im playing video games it takes my mind off it completely so i dont think about it, and because video games are so bright i can barley see any snow, cause the brighter the less of the snow you see, actually being outside and playing videos games are the only times i cant really see it...i guess everyones different. Btw looking at phones in dark rooms are bad for yer eye tho :D

  10. It feel so good though to play HD video games!
    I actually can't watch a bright screen in a dark room... hurts my eyes too much. Maybe it's because of all of the static I see at night.
    Sometimes I wonder getting into shape would help. I never recorded how much VS there was when I was in shape (being able to run a 6:00 mile), but I would imagine that it could help distract as much as reading a book would.
    Has anybody recorded data of their own of the variations in intensity of VS?

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