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My remission, the causes of increasing visual snow and why, but not a reason.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fullAnxiety, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. fullAnxiety

    fullAnxiety New Member

    Hello, maybe our fight will end on me. I'm Yuri, I'm from Ukraine, Odessa, my story is very long, I will not deal with the fact that I will tell a biography, I'm also sick with visual snow and all associated symptoms. I spent a lot of time studying the material to know at least superficially how our body works (I'm not a doctor). Dealing with the assumption and starting the action, by lucky chance, I replaced a vertebra, then there was a history of panic, a 3-hour sleep and wild sweat on awakening, after which a very strong blood flow to the head appeared, he just fucked. From the drugs I tried amphetamine, nutmeg, amanita muscaria and marijuana. The reason for my sun is not hppd, which is usually associated with visual snow, but mechanical situations, I had problems with blood supply since childhood, and at one point it was so lost that I got a 2 ep seizure on a nutmeg, but at the same time visual snow was not yet there. I got a panic attack every day and in those days I had a strange obstruction left under the back of my head, after 4 months, visual snow appeared.
    The remission occurred 3 days ago (i'm ill but not like it was before, symptomes gone about 80%).
    Have driven.
    I learned a lot of stuff because during remission I stopped sleeping at all almost, yes I could, but I just did not feel like it because there was a lot of energy, and not just for that.
    Visual snow - the problem of blood-thirst, here is the material that I can share.[​IMG]
    Here we can observe the brain stem that contain reticular formation, there is an activation of consciousness and all the nuclei that are associated with the regulation of the nervous system, dopamine, serotonin and the like excite the potency and we become energetic, we receive hormones of happiness and stimulation and many other regulation of potency. This is why I used to sleep for 16 hours earlier because there was a very strong weakness and could not do anything adequately anyway, but now it seems to me that even amphetamine stimulation is not worth it next to the fact that during this remission occurs. So, in the case of a violation of crossover from the cervical region - the brain stem function is impaired.
    Here we can observe the cerebellum, hyperactivity was detected in the left anterior lobe of the cerebellum. So the adequate blood supply to the cerebellum depends entirely on the vertebral artery. Violation of the cerebellar blood supply can affect many functions, but the main ones, which can be felt with visual snow - shakiness.
    Here we can observe the zones that are provided by the arteries emanating from the cervical vertebrae. In case of violation of blood supply in the cervical region, we can observe the oppression of the supply of the visual cortex, into which lingual gyrus also enters, which in the studies on visual snow demonstrates hyperactivation, as in the case with the cerebellum.
    You can also notice without a cut that the part of the temporal lobe and in this case the lower part of the emporal lobe also gets the possibility of pathology due to a lack of blood supply.
    So, the pathology of the visual cortex blood loss can lead to many visual artifacts in the same way as the pathology of the blood supply. The temporal lobe can result in a violation of the processing of visual information in the case of the upper lobe, and in the case of the upper parts - to suppress the processing of auditory information. We can see that some part of parietal lobe also in trouble if blood supply violated, so there we can understand that we can't do much more things like normal peoples can do: understand math better then others, imagine a three-dimensional space and more.(Mexidol removed the symptoms of problems with parietal lobe for a while, also if you mixing it with low dose of phenibut(not more then 500 mg in 1 day) (30 days of mixing these 2 things) - that is on my expirience)
    I also want to pay attention to the spinal cord and spinal fluid (at the beginning of the hypoxic conditions, before the visual snow, the ventricles were unevenly expanded)
    Most likely this is due to the fact that I was physically weak physically, and could not even fully strain to use full power. Now even the compression of the hand is felt quite differently. And also given the general picture, I'm not surprised that I have to learn music listening again by listening to music because I hear it differently.
    You can also notice the involvement of the blood supply of the vertebral artery (basilar artery) to the thalamus, which performs so many functions that I can not even list them and carry them to the symptoms. I could say that disturbing the supply of a single thalamus leads to visual snow, depression, mood disturbances and the popular "adhd". Also on the section is the involvement of the vertebral artery in part of the limbic system.
    (I had a neck injury in childhood, which most likely was associated with the atlas, initially recorded that there were c2-c3, c4-c5, c5-c6 offset.)
    And so, summing up, I will say that I am not a doctor, I have no education in this field, and even in school I was poorly educated, but this information could be linked in connection with remission and my history, which I told you in a very small volume at the beginning.
    Most likely, the problem of visual snow begins with a violation of the supply of metabolites (oxygen, etc.) in different parts of the brain, as a result of which the tissue is measured and the body tries to adapt.
    My snow began 4 months after the appearance of dyspnea, which was with me to this day only about 11 months and ceased to completely torment after the blood flow was regained, it did not disappear at once, but only gradually with pleasant sighs I began to feel that it was passing.
    Subjectively - to notice the visual snow, I now have to strain until it disappeared and visuals such as dst or shirer are even slightly more pronounced for quite logical reasons, because the blood flow has improved, but apparently all of me will never again be disturbed and manifested clearly. to. for 3 days it only decreased and the decline itself showed very quickly. I hope I helped you, maybe forgot to mention something, maybe did not say many other facts and other things involved in this situation, but I did everything I could and got everything I can, my theory was confirmed in practice and my suffering is coming to an end.
    In general, remove ischemia, and what exactly you create it - there may already be a different reason in theory, I had a vertebral cause.
    From the side of myself I will say that I have intensified: my eyesight (peripheral (lateral), reaction), hearing, stimulation, pleasure, perception, transience of thinking, interaction with people and even sexual desire intensified. In general, its all the most important things for survival and pleasure. If someone has questions, try to ask them as closely as possible, so that I can spend less time answering for you can talk a lot.
    What do I think about hppd? Most likely the violations that cause the symptoms are the same as when they are all the same, maybe even deeper, but as studies on hppd show, there may be abnormalities associated with MAO and it is necessary to regulate MAO to remove symptoms and if this works. then the cause in the neurotransmitters, but at the same time it remains unclear where this disturbance grows, there are only assumptions in the sources.
    I think if the violations are tied not only at the work of the MAO, the CMAO, then there are similar violations not hppd to the person.
    I think that serotonergic and GAMKergic potencies are very important and it may be worthwhile to begin to regulate them.

    Thanks to all.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018
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  2. fullAnxiety

    fullAnxiety New Member

    Destroy this theory if i know nothing and it's not really true, please.
  3. fullAnxiety

    fullAnxiety New Member

    To somehow reduce the symptoms, me very approached mexidol, tk. This is not a cure, but a miracle, it's a modified b6, to it, as it were added succinic acid, but it was suitable for a while, I also canceled the drug just in case.
  4. Scotsofrenic

    Scotsofrenic New Member

    Thank you for the information
  5. fullAnxiety

    fullAnxiety New Member

    and sorry for bad english, its just a google translater
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  6. Scotsofrenic

    Scotsofrenic New Member

    Your English is good
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  7. fullAnxiety

    fullAnxiety New Member

    So, for a person with painful visual snow, there are fundamentally important tests that will exclude a couple of possible causes. Peoples, that hppd sufferers perhaps this does not apply because I have so little data related to them and their blood vessels and whether this could have affected it.

    1. It is of fundamental importance to have MRI of the vessels of the cervical region or transcranial dopplerography of the vessels of the head and neck.
    2. It is important to have an MRI of the brain because we can notice all kinds of disturbances, related or even causing visual snow, for example problems with liquor liquids. If there is no cerebral palsy, the usual x-ray with disturbances or functional x-rays is also suitable if there were no abnormalities in the usual x-ray (functional is important to do regardless of the usual, because the usual does not always show). These same tests are needed and suitable to determine violations in the spinal cord because there is not only blood supply.
    3. Cholesterol is common (preferably still low and high density). This item is not likely to refer to young people.

    You can share these analyzes in the comments, especially if there were violations. Without violations it is also interesting, but then it is important to indicate when the analysis was done: before visual snow or after, and it is desirable to specify what interval.
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