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Life through an Electrical Field...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Electric Fields, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Electric Fields

    Electric Fields New Member

    Hi everybody. I had a head injury a few years ago. I don't remember a whole lot immediately following the accident and things are hazy for the months immediately following it. I was walking, talking, etc. Friends and family said I seemed okay but maybe tired or like I'd been drinking. (I don't drink.) I had trouble concentrating, reading, and more. I got lost in conversations and did a whole lot of smiling and nodding. I had regular headaches. I made the mistake of not getting a CT right away and the one I got almost a year later looked alright. The doctor wasn't much help. I took some cognitive tests but got "inconsistent results" and failed the tests designed to tell if someone was faking. This was nonsense. I had real trouble reading, differentiating, and maintaining attention; especially with certain items on paper or computer screens. It took over a year to find a neurologist who talked to me about visual snow.

    I remember initially resisting because what I see doesn't look like snow falling. It looks like there is some kind of electrical field buzzing between me and what I see. It is always there, buzzing with the same frequency, even in the dark. It's a bit like lots of tiny rain droplets randomly hitting my visual field head on. It's most like static on old television sets. I finally accepted the term after remembering that old static being referred to as "snow".

    A few years have passed. My mind feels stronger. I feel a little sharper and more confident. However, the visual snow remains. The snow is always there and its frequency doesn't change. (The only time it isn't a part of my life is in dreams.) What I have noticed is that some things make it a lot louder. That really wears me down and promotes headaches. "Cool white" fluorescent lighting is brutal. Big flat surfaces, especially in light or pastel colors, can also be brutal. As you could guess, the walls at many doctors' offices are a perfect combination of those two factors. I've noticed that turning down the overall quantity of light helps. Also, warmer light sources are better. I typically wear sunglasses with a slightly red tint and that offers a modicum of help when I have to be out during the day.

    The biggest challenge right now is accepting that this is my life now. We've tried a few different kinds of medication but that's been all side-effect and no relief. One of my doctors lamented the lack of local support groups, so I figured I would try here.
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  2. DIME

    DIME New Member

    Agree list:

    I never liked the term snow because snow is gentle and consisten, but like you said VS, in my case and yours, is like an electrical feild and TV static.

    You have a great description by comparing it to electrical rain drops.

    White lighting is THE worst, the sensory depravation aspect kills me

    TVs have a certain glow that irritates VS

    Other stuff:
    Imo there's not much reason to make yourself a walking cocktail of medication because VS has only been discovered in the last 10 years or so. Im certain there wont be an effective medical treatment for some time.

    Try blue light glasses. I'm wearinig some now. Reduces glare that shakes up the hornet's nest of Visual Snow from screens, prevents screens from ruining sleep cycles, good placeabo effect if nothing else lol

    I'm wondering if you have any experience with your visual snow suddendly causing a blindspot? Like a black area of condensed snow that becomes so apparent as to block out the real world in a certain spot?...Im dealing and wanted to see if anyone else is.
  3. Iska224

    Iska224 New Member

    I live like this as well exactly as you just described. I test it, I try different lifestyle changes, diets etc to see if anything affects it but so far no changes. I hate calling it static because it seems like energy for some reason. It takes up my entire field of vision literally. Even more intense if I look at the sky along with the constant static in the sky I see sparkles of lights. In a dark room the static or energy will sometimes create wave patterns and move rather organically.
    I will try tinted glasses like you suggested so far I wear regular dark ones. Lower level lighting intensifies the ability to see it but for some reason is less strain on my eyes. I agree only when asleep do I get relief. I think it’s the NOT knowing that drives me nuts. I’ve just recently thought about trying reiki or yogi to see if it affects it.
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