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Is Visual Snow Hereditary?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jackie Vest, Sep 29, 2014.


Do you have family members or children who also suffer with VS?

  1. Yes

  2. Not that I am aware

  1. Jackie Vest

    Jackie Vest Active Member

    There is no firm evidence, but you do think VS runs in families? Does it run in yours?

    I have had VS for a few years and suffer with it in a moderate range. I have two children and my oldest (only 5 years old) just described to me about dots that he sees flickering around everywhere he looks. Tiny little dots, teeny teeny tiny, he says. He says that he sees them all the time, even with his eyes closed.

    It sounds to me (and my husband) like he is describing VS and the thought that he may also have to work through this his whole life, is just... so sad to me.

    How many of you also have family members or children who suffer with VS?
  2. Riddle

    Riddle New Member

    Sorry to hear that Jackie.

    My mum has it I think, I've described mine and shown her all the simulators/images and she also sees the static and various other symptoms including a few I do not have but which I have seen others mention on the FB group. But she did not realise it was anything not normal until I described mine, even now she is not bothered by it really. She does not remember a specific moment of noticing it or it getting worse so I guess she has either always had it or it's come along so gradually she hasn't noticed. She said she never thought to question her vision before I started saying about mine - now she is always describing visual symptoms to me!

    Like you I would say mine is in the moderate range. I first noticed it back in April when I think it got worse overnight, if it hadn't got worse suddenly I might not have noticed it, though I'm unsure. I suspect I had an even milder version beforehand but cannot say for sure. Certainly I think I always saw some static in the dark and when I closed my eyes.

    I read some people who have been aware of it since childhood are less bothered by the VS? If this is true it may be some comfort at least, plus by the time your son is a bit older think how far the research may have come. With any luck VS can be successfully treated in the near future. At the very least there is the current research to take to the doctors and he will have you to talk to - it has been a great comfort to me when I realised my mum also has it and I was not alone.
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  3. KaTayl

    KaTayl New Member

    Nobody in my family has it, as far as I am aware. At least, everyone I've shown or described it to has been totally surprised.
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  4. Perplexed

    Perplexed New Member

    No one in my family has it.. I have a twin brother but he see's none of the symptons i see... nothing at all.. He does git Migranes thou.
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  5. eyeonvision

    eyeonvision New Member

    No one in my family has it. They all know all about my symptoms and don't see anything like it at all. I'm of course hoping and praying that my own children do not inherit it from me.
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  6. Jackie Vest

    Jackie Vest Active Member

    Thank you everyone.

    Perplexed: very interesting that you have a twin who does not have it.

    Kyle: Thank you for your kind words, I am very encouraged by your insight about children who live with it and are possibly less bothered by it. Very good point. I forget, since I too either did not have it in my childhood or it was incredibly mild. And the research, yes! Love having this community! Thanks again!!
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  7. Human

    Human New Member

    My dad has it, but my mother and brother do not.
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  8. Danny C

    Danny C New Member

    yes me my mother and Grandmother my Mother is part of the VS support group on Facebook mother is 64 Grandmother 84
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  9. Afenglow

    Afenglow New Member

    Nobody else in my family has this and I hope every day that none of them start to suffer from it. My mother has Chiari Malformation though, which is a malformation of the brain. Pretty much a part of the brain is in an area it's not supposed to be in and it's putting pressure on things that result in a hugely massive range of problems.

    I've honestly and truly hesitated on wanting to have children because I'm afraid of passing this on to them.. it's pretty heartbreaking to feel that way.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2014
  10. Allycia

    Allycia New Member

    I just decided to tell my mom today that I think I have visual snow and I really thought she was gonna say I was full of it and crazy and being a hypochondriac but to my surprise she said she has the same symptoms too! And she has since childhood. We both agreed that if you bend over and stand up its way worse to the point your almost blinded and same thing when you do a cartwheel. Does anyone else's get worse when you bend over and stand up or move your head around fast?
  11. James

    James New Member

    Unfortunately my seven year old son has just described VS to me. I've had if all my life though only just found out what it is and that this VS community exists. All when my VS got so so much worse almost 0ver night. I'm scared for us both. Anyone seeing this, please support eyeonvision in their work for a cure.
  12. JOX

    JOX New Member

    I was a bit concerned to see that many of you have evidence that its hereditary. I have an 11 month son, I wonder if he will develop, if he does I hope at least a functional form like mine. I'd like to believe that it helps in some way, when I was a kid I really tried to believe I was seeing peoples auras, but being honest with myself there was no useful information. I can "burn" writing on a page into the VS field and read it for a little bit, but it fades quickly, definitely not photographic memory. I think it is a negative disorder, I'd like to treat and move beyond.

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