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Is this VS?

Discussion in 'Symptoms' started by Ephalim, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. Ephalim

    Ephalim New Member

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone here thinks that this could be VS, as I am not fully sure. Anyway, the symtoms that I can currently list are (if I think of any new ones, I'll add them):

    -Clear and white static everywhere (does not disturb my vision)

    -Blue Field Ent-something Phenomena

    -I have really bad night vision, and if it is really dark, I can see objects a lot better while they are not in the center of my vision (I cant see anything in the center at night.)

    -When I stare at the sky, I get something that looks like a form constant. (I feel this to be important, although I am unsure.)

    -Rarely, I get these really sparkly bright mirror-like silver squares (imaging metallic glitter) floating around my vision, although it is only for a few seconds.

    -When I stare at a pattern, I get lines running through them (this applies to patterned fabric, and even to me seeing every direction (N, E, S, W) outlined in a word search from the word I am looking at.)

    -Sometimes, although rarely, I am able to see things 'breathe'.

    -I get lots of small lines running through my vision, similar to the static, although they have lots of momentum, and sometimes fly in one direction, only to teleport back to their original position and fly through again (These also flicker.)

    -One of my eyes sees things darker than the other.

    -This is pretty much the same as the lines, except they are more of a fat MS Paint brush running through my vision (they have the same motion), and I can see them because they appear to have the same color as one of my eyes (ex. I see a fat line running through my vision making it darker, and when I close my bright eye, the line is the same brightness/color of my dark eye.) These lines also flicker.

    -When I blink rapidly or continuously move something back and forth, I see a rainbow.

    -When I was younger, I'm pretty sure I had de-realization, and while I still do experience this, it isn't as strong and occurs less. When it does happen, I get mildly light headed and my vision feels strange, although not really blurry. After that, I get a strange realization that everything around me is real, although I hadn't had anything causing me to have that thought.

    -I get sort of a clear 'overlay' that sometimes moves around my vision (with the line's motion). It's generally a large complex shape resembling a square or a circle, or both. I'm not quite sure how I 'see' it, but it also tends to flicker on and off.

    -This is very rare, but sometimes I get these bright small white circle blind spots (they are really small) that disappear after I move my head or my eyes.

    Anyway, I really hope that someone can identify this, and thank you for reading it! I'll add new symptoms when I find them (they have different conditions to appear.)

    EDIT: It hadn't crossed my mind, but the above symptoms don't really affect me, they are just there.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
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  2. rosophado1

    rosophado1 New Member

    Well, I have most of these symptoms and I’m pretty sure I have VS. I think the defining symptom is the static, which for me isn’t even the most bothersome.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees the ‘form constant’ thing.
  3. Ephalim

    Ephalim New Member

    A better description I found (posted by rosophado1) for the pattern is (this is from memory): Clear lines striking across a pattern made out of lines, going along the lines (again, this is just from memory and I'm adding the stuff I can't remember, also I mostly want to bump this post)
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