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I have THE answer but i need help

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Virgile, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Virgile

    Virgile New Member

    Hello I'm Virgile from switzerland. I "suffer" of visual snow since 4 years and i'm 20 year old. My doctor suffered from VS long time ago ans he had tell me what is VS and Why i have that. I have THE answer like i say it in the titel but the problem is that i speak french normally so it's diffult to me to traduce that i want to say in english. I need help for that si if you are good in the two languages please tell me.
  2. Andrew T

    Andrew T New Member

    Use Google Translate and it might make sense, or just post it in French and let us try to translate it on our end.
  3. Jackie Vest

    Jackie Vest Active Member

    I agree with Andrew. You have done a wonderful job to explain yourself here, we get it :) Try Google?
  4. Virgile

    Virgile New Member

    Hello everybody, I'm back!
    I'm actually in treatment so sorry but i don't have a lot of time.
    First: What is visual snow?
  5. Virgile

    Virgile New Member

    It come of photoreceptor cell. All the little point you see are on reality excited cells in your eyes. It's why you don't see snow when you watch a light, the excitation is too high. Read about that in internet I can't give a good explication about that un english but on think you will understand by reading.
  6. Virgile

    Virgile New Member

    Now: Why have you that? That's the question.
  7. Virgile

    Virgile New Member

    I'm vert sorry to say you that, i have myself don't accept it for 4 years (too long...), but it's psychological. Now you know. You can not accept it, such other answer, just don't give a fuck but finnaly you have to accept it to get out of all this.
    I tkink you have all anxiety disorder, read a lot about that in internet (a symptom of anxiety is little point...).
    Now I'm in treatment for that. The beggining what very difficult. I take out all medicament to live my anxiety and all the symptoms (that juste anxiety at the end) and after 4 weeks it get much better. Now i can see visual snow or not see it WHEN I WANT :').
    (I forget a important thing: I think that you see visual snow day ans night because one time you have see it, you don't know what it was and you are stay blocked in it (i think you are all intelligent people you want "all" know)
    Sorry for my bad english I'm very sleepy. If you have question post it, i will be back i don't forget you.
  8. john

    john New Member

    Did your doctor recommend any medical treatment?
  9. Nicolas

    Nicolas New Member


    Je suis français je peux traduire pour vous .

  10. john

    john New Member

    Ah pardonnez-moi, j'ai oublié que vous êtes suisse! Votre médecin, ont-ils prescrit quelques medicaments? ^^

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