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Hello from Europe, Croatia

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Petar, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Petar

    Petar New Member

    Hello my name is Petar,

    i come from Croatia, Osijek. Small country in Europe.

    My Visual snow started when i used Aspirin for a bad cold that i had.

    1. Tinnitus
    2. Balance problems / dissapered later
    3. Visual snow
    4. Tremor pulsating body - hands, neck, legs in the same rhytm
    5. Anxiety and deppresion ( 80 percent solved with Escitalopram 10 mg)
    6. Brain fog
    7. Muscle pain

    My diagnosis: BFS with VS

    Doctors diagnosis: Deppresion and anxiety :)

    Currently i am taking Omega 3, Native Propolis and Escitalopram.

    Worse fear: Parkinson disasese

    My story:

    I caught a cold and my ears ( Eustachian tubes closed) after the cold (Tinnitus). Went to the doctor, got drops for nose, and it cleared out the sound but Tinnitus stayed.

    After that i took more steroids for tinnitus and tryed to put with my head turn upside down on the end of the bed.

    One week later i had balance problems and visual snow.

    After 1 month i got tremors.

    after 6 months i have muscle pain and sudden movement.
  2. Gabriel

    Gabriel New Member

    Hello from the united states friend!
  3. Constantin

    Constantin New Member

    Ur not alone brother cheer up have fate

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