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Had "VS" my whole life, discovered all this YESTERDAY!!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JOX, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. JOX

    JOX New Member

    Still a bit shocked, so happy to have unlocked this wealth of information and the term "Visual Snow". Actually cried a bit, I didn't think I was alone but I accepted that I would likely never find out what this is or meet anyone that has it.

    I've had it from my earliest memories, full field, colours (I guess RGB), persistent images from contrast and bright light etc. I described it to a doctor when I was about 4 yrs old as "dragons and mermaids", I still actually remember the mermaids, my child mind projecting some definition around it. Tried again as an early teen, but I had great vision from a glasses perspective (18/19) and didn't really affect my functioning so I just gave up. I googled floaters from time to time and then came across Visual Snow yesterday, 10000% what I have.

    I have never known darkness nor silence (tinnitus). Night vision seems to be getting a little bit worse, otherwise nothing has really changed, I'm almost 43 years. I have migraines once or twice per year, last year was horrendous for about a week I was diagnosed with "cluster migraines", medicated out of it, so painful was almost unbearable. Normally the VS turns into a blind line and then into a blind spot a few hours before a migraine, I actually kind of like the early warning system. I do get a bit nauseous from the blind spot, and it makes it impossible to read, drive, use computer.

    I did always think it was brain, not eyes, kind of seems obvious to me that if you removed my eyes (sorry for the graphic scenario) that I would still see the same thing. I think I would be concerned about any treatment to remove the VS causing visualization issues, like aphantasia. My inner eye and the VS field feel like they interact, I see images in the field sometimes and when I visualize it is difficult to place those images outside the VS field. I wonder if I dream with the VS. I would love to see what a white wall looks like or darkness!

    I actually think the tinnitus is the worst, at least for trying to sleep. It gets worse when I am sick, also sort of a warning sign for the flu. Also much worse when I listen to loud music, like a concert, or around loud machinery, for many years I've avoided the speakers at clubs etc. and keep the volume low on earbuds (my generation was Walkman, definitely some self-inflicted ear damage there).

    Beyond this having a term and a community (huge WOW!), I'm most comforted by some consensus that its not definitely degrading in all cases. I was concerned that as I get older I may go blind. Sometimes stars disappear when I look up at the night sky, night vision definitely sucks.

    I've never joined a forum, I can see this post is likely very long, I'm still a bit floored by finding this and I'm gushing a bit, my whole life I could never truly explain it to anyone and now all of you know all about it without me saying a word. I appreciate the efforts you have put to create this, my best google session ever!! the internet is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
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  2. JOX

    JOX New Member

    I was a bit concerned to see that many of you have evidence that its hereditary. I have an 11 month son, I wonder if he will develop, if he does I hope at least a functional form like mine. I'd like to believe that it helps in some way, when I was a kid I really tried to believe I was seeing peoples auras, but being honest with myself there was no useful information. I can "burn" writing on a page into the VS field and read it for a little bit, but it fades quickly, definitely not photographic memory. I think it is a negative disorder, I'd like to treat and move beyond.

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