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Focusing issues

Discussion in 'Symptoms' started by Perplexed, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Perplexed

    Perplexed New Member

    When i made my introductionary post to the board i described that i had probelms focusing on objects and people short distance and long.

    I want to find out if anyone has this issue. its a struggle at the moment, probably worse due to my Left eye astigsm at times. i struggle to focus on somebodys face if they are quite a distance anyway.

    If i am reading or on the computer then i can also have double vision.

    My eye's just do not work together at all !
  2. Afenglow

    Afenglow New Member

    I have trouble focusing almost constantly, so you're not alone in that : )

    I can feel it getting worse but it's not so bad as having double vision yet. My eyes just feel tired and blurred unless I try my hardest to sharpen in on something, it's like always being in a "daze" where my eyes go out of focus and I'm never able to focus out of it. The hardest for me with reading is in my after-images and floaters, too long staring at words and all I see are overlapping after-images of the words, it makes it pretty hard.
  3. Liz

    Liz New Member

    I can relate, I also have trouble focussing on objects and tend to space out a lot just because its easier.
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  4. missgord

    missgord Member

    Me too. When I put my hand in front of my face, I see it perfectly clearly, but I find the background distracting (it's like my brain is having trouble filtering it out). Also when I try to look at my armpit to shave it, I get some double vision from looking that far to the side.

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