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Fly me to the moon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ytairah, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. ytairah

    ytairah New Member

    When I look at something, there's an oval-like shape of area in the center of my vision where my eyes are focusing with less black and white dots or snow (I prefer to call it stars) inside it. Other areas outside the oval is darker and full of snow and at the bottom of my vision there are green and red dots a little bit bigger than the snow. I can see it everytime. I often hit chairs or tables and step on things on the ground (mobile phones, books, my brother's hand, etc) especially in darker places or dark floor / mat because of the darker area is blocking my sight. Climbing down the stairs are like a horror to me. Sometimes I cannot see whether the stairs have ended or not.
    But VS make my nights beautiful. When I look at the sky, it is hard to locate the real stars. When I close my eyes the stars will move in spiral as if I am flying through all these stars! Not every people can fly through stars, haha. I am grateful, though. I still can see the world.
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