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Electrostimulation site for "snow blizzard" (Wiezer 1982)

Discussion in 'Research and Articles' started by Stu Pidname, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Stu Pidname

    Stu Pidname New Member

    Here's a great one. Below is adapted from:

    Wieser HG, 1982, Zur Frage der lokalisatorischen Bedeutung epileptischer Halluzinationen. In: Karbowski K, editor. Halluzinationen bei Epilepsien und ihre Differentialdiagnose. Bern: Verlag Hans Huber; 1982. p. 67–92.

    Chronically implanted electrodes in epileptic patients, when stimulated produced different types of visual effects.

    Stimulation at #46 (G9 in left image, D9 in right image) resulted in “snow blizzard”

    Other points of interest

    5: rotating spirals

    28, 32, 45, 59: Flicker sensation or flashes

    35: white round spot surrounded by a grey ring

    54, 59: diffuse colours

    67: coloured stripes

    70: dots

    78: simple geometric patterns

    This is an older study (1982) that appears to support this year’s findings and is possibly a step toward treatment (maybe rTMS if the area is more pinpointed?).

    Can anyone access and translate this chapter?

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