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Does reading affect VS?

Discussion in 'Symptoms' started by Mayara Almeida, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Mayara Almeida

    Mayara Almeida New Member

    Can excessive reading make VS get worse? I know it sounds like a silly question but I've been wandering about it. When I read for more than one or two hours I feel like all of my symptoms become more noticeable... even the floaters are more visible. What I wanted to know is: is it just temporary or activities like reading on paper or pc can make VS definitely worse?

    You guys who are at college... how do you cope with these stressful situations/tests? Does reading affect the intensity of your symptoms?
    (Sorry for my bad English, it's not my mother tongue).
  2. Jackie Vest

    Jackie Vest Active Member

    It does appear to be worse for me after a while. But when I give it a rest for a bit, I am able to resume in a bit of a better state. Unless I am over-tired or stressed.
  3. Bobby Rae

    Bobby Rae New Member

    Yes it definitely makes VS and all other symptoms worse. For me anyway.
    Any reading computer screen use, TV makes VS worse and causes pain.

    Because of this I have been unable to complete university.

    My advice is to not do any of them least you make the snow too heavy.
  4. Mayara Almeida

    Mayara Almeida New Member

    When you say that reading makes your VS get worse, you mean only on computer screen or on papers too?
  5. Afenglow

    Afenglow New Member

    After using the computer or reading a book for hours I can definitely tell you that my VS gets harder to ignore, but it also does with anything that requires me to use my eyes for long stretches focused on something. (Watching a long movie, drawing, etc) For a long time I was just stopping when it got too bad, or when my head started to hurt from it (very common for me, though lately less frequent), but because of work I've needed to push through it. Sometimes, as frustrating as it is, I've recognized when I just have to stop and give my eyes a break, and it becomes bearable again!

    Even after a whole day of reading at the pc, after nearly a year I haven't noticed my worsened effects lingering on to the next day, so it seems like in my case it's temporary, hard to know why it makes it worse. :)
  6. Bobby Rae

    Bobby Rae New Member

    @ Mayara Almeida
    On both Computer screens and papper. Any thing that could tire/ strain the eyes. I still use the computer ( It's how I'm typing this) But it makes my VS much much worse permanently. And cause's pain and after images.

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