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Do you have difficult in reading?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by littleboy, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. littleboy

    littleboy New Member

    I have difficult in reading,especially at night or in the dark.
    I feel the words is too bright for me,i even feel the words have something like faint light in the words. and that make me difficult to read.
    However, if the words's color is grey,i feel bettle than which the words is black.

    Do anyone have above symptom ,please leave a comments,thank you.
    sorry,my english is so bad,please forgive me T^T
  2. Becca

    Becca New Member

    Yes I do...reading hurts my eyes..
  3. Constantin

    Constantin New Member

    It is very dificult to read because of the shimmering
  4. Signal

    Signal New Member

    I am sad others experience this. It is very difficult to read books now because of how much static blurs the distinction between the letters and lines of words.
    "However, if the words's color is grey, i feel bettle than which the words is black." I also experience this. I notice that high contrast (white/black) is very difficult for me to read and understand. I have a screen shader on my computer which makes it easier to read because it makes the white light gray, and the black a darker gray. I think something about high contrast and how much light hurts our eyes may have something to do with how it is difficult for us to read and look at it. I do not know if anyone has researched it. But I think visual snow makes our eyes more sensitive to contrast.

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