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Do any of you experience this?

Discussion in 'Symptoms' started by Andrew T, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Andrew T

    Andrew T New Member

    I have noticed that when I look at anything with a lot of closely placed parallel lines (window blinds, a striped shirt, etc.), that the object actually "shimmers" or "vibrates" in a way. It is quite disconcerting. I thinks actually this is an optical illusion caused by the static "interfering" with the ability of the brain to "decode" what it is seeing. I can't stand striped clothes anymore! Anyone else experience this?
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  2. David Westhead

    David Westhead New Member

    yes i get it when a look at a dark coloured carpet in artificial light
  3. Jackie Vest

    Jackie Vest Active Member

    Yes. Sort of looks like the heat wave from pavement. It is very disturbing, I always have to look away!
  4. Evrae

    Evrae New Member

    Yes I have that too on certain patterns. "Shimmer" is probably how I would describe it. Why do our brains work this way?
  5. Laura

    Laura New Member

    I have that too but only momentarily
  6. littleboy

    littleboy New Member

    I have this symptom too.
    I have difficlt in reading, at a night or in the dark ,i even feel the words 'shimmers' .
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  7. Erikpe94

    Erikpe94 New Member

    Yes I have experience it. It's really difficult to look on different patterns.
  8. JenJenCali

    JenJenCali New Member

    I have the same experience. There is a conference room in particular where I cannot face the blinds because I feel like they are moving in and out of focus. The more light shining in through the blinds, the more I feel like my eyes are crossing or trying to focus on the blinds.
  9. Andre

    Andre New Member

    Yes experiencing exact the same thing. A theory is that for some reason the threshold of visual processing is reduced so that the brain perceives processing artefacts that would normally be "filtered" out and be invisible. Once this "effect" is visible, it seems as it cannot be made "unseen" easily for some reason (which to my believe is still unknown).

    This effect is also known to be associated with migraine patients. Patients that suffer from migraine aura and scotoma are prone to this condition.

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  10. Scotsofrenic

    Scotsofrenic New Member

    Yes I get it also.
  11. Constantin

    Constantin New Member

    Omg ur right i have the exact problem it's very hard to read. All the shimmering
  12. Electric Fields

    Electric Fields New Member

    "Shimmering" is a good word for it. I studied quantum mechanics once upon a time and something about that resonates with my visual experience since developing visual snow. It's like a field of statistically predictable tiny random disruptions in the geometry. It's almost like "squigglevision" animation but finer and faster in its oscillation.

    Flat indistinct surfaces like walls, especially of certain colors or under certain types of light, can make the normal static of visual snow louder for me. The phenomenon under discussion here tends to occur with straight lines or repeating patterns. Interestingly, naturally random patterns like grass or forest foliage are far less disturbing for me to look at.
  13. rosophado1

    rosophado1 New Member

    I have something similar. When I look at any pattern that’s quite busy I see these clear lines striking through it rapidly... hard to explain
  14. Ephalim

    Ephalim New Member

    roso exactly the same for me.

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