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Discussion in 'Research and Articles' started by Stu Pidname, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Stu Pidname

    Stu Pidname New Member

    Just checking - are we breaching copyright by publishing full articles here?
  2. administrator

    administrator Administrator Staff Member

    Stu, it depends on the article. If you find something on the web, I always recommend posting a link back to the original article.

    If it's a paid publication (i.e. where only members can view it) there may be copyrights on the article.

    FYI, I've reached out to the publishers of "'Visual snow' - a disorder distinct from persistent migraine aura." While Dr Goadsby has no issue posting the article, I have yet to receive confirmation from the publishers.
  3. Stu Pidname

    Stu Pidname New Member

    Thanks - yep I was referring to paid published journal articles like the recent ones in Brain and Headache, where we would need permission from the owner of the IP (whether it is the authors or the publishers I am not sure but it will say on the publication).
  4. Toomas Pruuden

    Toomas Pruuden New Member

    I would suggest closed area for members only or archives available on request. More or less relevant peer reviewed publications could be of interest to members without academic access.

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