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Controling Your Visual Snow!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by goneaway, May 21, 2018.

  1. goneaway

    goneaway New Member

    Hello there,
    first of all, my english isn't the best, so I'm sorry if I don't formulate the best way.

    Is anyone of you able to control his/her visual snow? A few weeks ago I went to a mental hospital (Not because of visual snow lol, because of depression and stuff) and there was a Qigong teacher (Working there!) who tought a group to work with qi energy. When he told us to hold our hands like If we would form a qi ball I suddenly saw a bigger point developing out of the other points (visual snowflakes, tv static ya know what I mean). And I started to move the "ball" with my mind. Told him to move to my left hand, he moved to my left hand. Told him to move to my right hand, so he did (the ball). He was gettin bigger but then I couldn't concentrate anymore and he just flew away and dissapeared at the end.

    Did anyone of you ever experience the same thing? Were you able to control your visual snow to move and act the way you want them to? If no, please, please, please try it out and tell me if it works for you!!

    It is just so fun and interesting!!
    and it's fuckin cool :D

    btw: I really don't know if we have the same visual snow. Cause mine isn't bothering me at all and if I don't concentrate on it I don't even notice it. I mean, I do, but I just got sooo used to it, this is just my life haha
    But when it's really light I almost don't see any visual snow! Like when I'm outdoors and stuff, but ya know, I'm a gamer, I never go outdoors and I like clich├ęs :D

    Still no answers?
    At least I would like to hear your thoughts about this! :/
    Last edited: May 27, 2018
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  2. Hey goneaway,

    I can control the way I see Visual Snow by focusing on particular "flows" of the static. It all seems to go randomly, but when I stare at the static long enough, I can get it to look like it's flowing in a circle.

    That's really a really cool, unique experience!

    What do you mean by you not having the same VS? It's characterized by the rapid flickering of dots across a persons field of vision.
    It can get annoying at times, but it is manageable.

    Same! Light and high detailed objects drown out the static.
  3. goneaway

    goneaway New Member

    Yes, I do see those flickering dots across my field, that reminds me of a tv static. The only difference is, that it's not bothering me. For example: right now I look at me Laptop screen, but I only concentrate on the text I'm writing. So I only see the text and the display/browser etc.
    But when I pay attention to the whole field I see this flickering, dots, and when I ONLY concentrate on the dots, the Laptop gets fuzzy and blurred and the dots become kind of 3-Dimensional and I can see them flying between me and the laptop. They are not only 2D.

    I also said, I don't know if we have the same visual snow, because a lot of people are like suffering from this visual snow? This is what I heard the most. The only thing those dots are causing to me is that my life seems so unrealistic because of them. Like a movie... or like a game... or a simulation. I don't know. I can only remember that visual snow used to be a looot different when I was a child. It was more like beautiful and now it's mostly like creepy. When I was a child I always saw huge bright and shining balls flying around, I was always like "wooaaaah".
    I guess it's a very subjective thing
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  4. outferarip

    outferarip New Member

    I signed up just to comment on this. I've had visual snow since I can remember asking my preschool teacher if he saw little dots everywhere too. I have every symptom there is to have, including the depersonalization thing.

    It's totally controllable. It started when I first learned to meditate effectively. I noticed the flow of dots started "bunching up" in the center of my vision the deeper I meditated, with "lines" forming on a perfectly vertical and horizontal plane. It actually helped me with the whole meditation process, having a visual reference to go off of. The more I let go, the more concentrated the dots become.

    This was all before I knew what visual snow was, just thought I was a weirdo. I started concentrating on turning the horizontal and vertical lines. once I got them to move, I started practicing making shapes. Circle, square, triangle... But the shapes aren't concrete definitive, they feel like halfway between a memory and a sensory input, fade in and out, and the harder I try to "look" at the shape the harder it is to see. Hence the meditation/letting go part... I delved deeper into the thought of this concept, a blend of a thought process and a sensory input, and then it hit me. It's kind of hard to put in words.

    All of a sudden I can "jump into" the patterns, 3 dimensional spirals like a DNA strand, shapes, colors, structures, all controllable in a sense, I can go from an unfolding snow flake pattern to jumping into a wormhole although I have no control over the specifics of the pattern. I've been practicing pretty solid for the last year every time I go to sleep. There's a lot more to this whole thing than I think many of you realize. Next time you go to sleep, practice meditating while you try to morph the dots into the center, then go from there.
  5. Thanks for your input! At first your post made me kind of mad cuz you claim that you could control your visual snow through meditation and do whatever you wanted with it. your post is a little vague it doesn't contain enough details on how to properly meditate. You mentioned that you needed to let go and that could be a good point you're making since a lot of visual snow sufferers have at least some form of anxiety. Earlier I mentioned that the visual snow could some what's disappear or altogether be less noticeable when I wasn't really trying to look at it and I was focusing on something else but then again those same times that I tried to focus on something the visual snow could distract me. Trying it at night would be the best way to see the results since that is when the intensity is at its greatest.
    Also how effective is this technique during the day it's not like one can meditate at all times during the day to keep the visual snow at bay.
  6. outferarip

    outferarip New Member

    Try googling mindfulness meditation.

    I don't "suffer" from visual snow. I've always seen it as a gift, something to explore and learn about in my own head without being bound by any rules or accepted knowledge since doctors know so little about it at this point. I love the idea of being able to experiment with something so undiscovered. Kind of like how 500 years ago everyone knew the earth was flat. It was stuck in everyone's head as accepted knowledge. I don't have that problem with VS :D

    Just like when I first found out what visual snow was, I read it could effect night vision. Ever since then I started noticing the dots getting in the way of seeing at night. It was never an issue for me before, but now that I read it's a problem, it became a problem. I've been training myself to work out patterns and perceive objects in low light ever since.

    I would never want it to go away. In fact, I can nearly blank out my entire vision in dots if I un-focus my eyes and stare blank in a dim lit room. It's the coolest thing ever.

    Another experiment for you VSers- since we know it's not in our eyes but entirely in the brain, with your eyes closed try to find where the edge of the dots are without moving your eyes. It's kind of hard since our brains are programmed to give us an undistorted visual field based on what our retina is sensing, but it can be broken.

    There's this experiment where a person wears glasses that makes everything look upside down. After 2 or 3 days, the person wakes up with their vision flipped right side up with the glasses on. Then when you take the glasses off you see everything upside down until your brain readjusts. Same concept here.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
  7. Nice edit.

    Honestly I would've looked at Buddhist meditation since you mentioned letting go.

    A strong imagination is a gift, VS is a neurological condition that we know little about, aside from the well known fact that stress doesn't help. People used to believe the earth was flat because they blindly believed everything that the church taught them and steadfastly remained ignorant about a sorcery called science.

    Unfocus your eyes and you can't see very well. There's a trade off there. I can do that too but it doesn't make the VS go away.

    You must have amazing peripheral vision to see that, but, what does this accomplish?

    Um, ok? The flipping of the vision occurred as a result of adjusting everything to be correct again. This phenomenon happens to babies when they're born. It's different for a grown person as "right" has already been preset for a long time. To accomplish the same effect and have the vs disappear (which is what most people would like), they'd have to wear something like orange contacts for a few days and then take it off. However, the effect would only be temporary.
  8. outferarip

    outferarip New Member

    I think you're missing the point of what I'm saying. Playing with VS is my way of "coping" with it. You seem to think that I'm talking about trying to get rid of it, when I'm sitting here talking about the exact opposite.

    The hyperactive lingual gyrus seems to support what I was talking about earlier in regards to visual memory. My hypothesis is that if I can willfully alter the patterns I see, the phenomenon is happening in a part of my brain that isn't constrained by the same rules as nerve inputs coming from the retina.


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