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Cannabidiol+ Neck Stretches= Treatment of VSS based on Chemistry and Scientific explanations

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by DarkNightHoax, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. DarkNightHoax

    DarkNightHoax New Member

    Dear readers,

    I am glad to tell you that drug-induced VSS and HPPD is treatable with certain consumption of food and one medicinal substance that I am going to mention below.
    I have been struggling with the Visual Snow Syndrome now almost for 1 full year.
    I have to firstly state that I acquired a mild degree of HPPD after dosing 2-3 times a week on LSD and quite frequently on substances such as Cocaine, MDMA, DMT and most of the benzodiazepines like valium, xanax, ativan etc.
    So as one could note I was not born with such syndrome as some of you unfortunately or fortunately have been born with such gifts/illnesses.
    Secondly, I have to mention that what I am going to state is not meant to be considered as an expert doctor opinion so please first consult with your doctor and act in accordance with what your personal doctor prescribes you to do.

    Now to the point and thirdly, as some of you with basic knowledge of chemistry may know, LSD and MDMA and other substances are serotonin receptor agonists that overexcite the 5HT1, 5HT2, 3, 4 and 5; so basically most of the excitory receptors altogether. Now with a little digging and in-depth look into the chemistry of CBD, one could notice that CBD, the medicinal compound within cannabis as opposed to THC, is a very powerful antiagonist substance that basically undoes pretty much all the excitements of the cellular nerves and receptors that had been previously overactivated due to an increased and unbalanced consumption of psychadelic substances that are all agonists.
    I am glad to tell all of you who have acquired VSS through the consumption of psychadelics, with careful vegetarian diet and regular CBD consumption and staying away from THC, Tobacco, Caffeine and pretty much all the exciting substances except alcohol, I have managed to make a very noticeable reduction within my VSS degree of severity within approximately 5 days of regularly following the abovementioned process.

    Now you should be careful with the CBD that you would be interested in consuming as some of them still contain a very low degree of THC something like 0.3% as it is legal to have such amount of THC in CBD oil bottles in some of the European and North American states. Because a little bit of THC can even set you back from the path of no VSS anymore and could further slow down the process of your recovery.
    Hence, I would encourage the DRUG-INDUCED VSers to give this a try and see the effects for themselves as we are all different and could be treated differently by CBD and the diet etc.

    I emphasize again please consult your personal GOP or doctor first before trying anything as I would not like to be taken as a liable person for any medical consequences one may go through ;).

    Best of luck VSers ;)
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  2. DarkNightHoax

    DarkNightHoax New Member

    I have officially eliminated Visual snow syndrom off my life with the help of CBD + good green vegetarian diet and ONE MORE CRUCIAL ELEMENT that everyone needs to do and it is for FREE.
    BACK SPINE STRETCHES as well help.

    Below I have provided a link to a youtube video of a dude who also managed to heal himself with one SIMPLE TRICK: NECK STRETCH EVERYDAY which takes only 5 minutes of your lifetime and 0$ xD.
    It is a miracle and I want to cry of happiness. YES I AM FINALLY FREED.

      • It is a long video and just skip to 8th minutes and watch it till 11th minute. During 8th to 11th minutes of this video he solely teaches you the postures that you'd need to follow for the neck-stretching exercises. And it is wonderfully simple. You just open up your blood flow and arthritis and vessels that are connected to the back of your eyes' retinas.

        Have a wonderful amazing life vision ahead of y'all Vsers ;)
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