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Can this be purely anxiety caused?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by amy, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. amy

    amy New Member

    Im just wondering because I have severe anxiety and have had every symptom in the book of anxiety so far. I usually get new symptoms after I've been stressing out for a long time and I have been so im thinking and hoping that this is just another one of the symptoms that will go away in a few days. This will be really hard to get used to if not.
  2. Rachel UK

    Rachel UK New Member

    From what ive read in the last few days, it doesnt go away. A few people have said their symptoms have lessoned over time, although they arent sure if they have or they have jsut got used to it. I've only read a comment made by one person saying they had had VS for several years and it has gone afrer a migraine. So in all likelihood we are stuck with it until a cure or suppressant is found.
  3. M Lanham

    M Lanham New Member

    I've had it for approx 17 years, I think there are things that make it worse, to be honest I havnt really paid any attention to it for years, the last couple weeks something has really made it worse to the point it's bugging me, what exactly is the cause, I'm not sure.
  4. I agree. Some days it’s easier to ignore, other days, it’s not. Surface details are one of the major factor in the intensity of the VS. The more details there are and things to look at, coupled with a short gaze duration will make it hard for me to notice VS. Anxiety never helps, though I can’t say I’ve seen a difference between lower levels of stress and higher levels of stress. As a runner, I participate in 3 mile races and cannot say I see any change between before/during/after practice runs and before/during/after race day runs.

    Now I’ve had this for about 10 years now and have seen periodic changes in the amount of static during the day, but at night it’s remained a constant amount of TV screen static paired with a quiet, yet high-pitched, ringing sound. I usually end up listening to quiet music on the radio while keeping my eyes closed. When I’m about to fall asleep, I’ll turn off the radio and let the VS I see with my eyes closed turn into a dream. Interestingly enough, I don’t see VS while I’m dreaming, so I wonder if it’s purely based on the conscious brain. As a result, I’m inclined to believe that although anxiety doesn’t help any health condition, the cause for VS is purely biological.

    My semi-educated guess as to the cause of VS is that naturally produced chemicals in the occipital lobe are interfering with the brains interpretation of the information it’s receiving and is experiencing a glitch we all know as VS.

    **If anybody has an update to my guess, or finds that it is wrong, I will edit this post**
  5. darkforest577

    darkforest577 New Member

    NO! because its a physical problem, it can create anxiety and anxiety can make it worse but how can it be anxiety? anxiety doesn't make you see things that aren't there does it? for the record, i never had anxiety at all until i got vs or until i noticed i had it.
  6. darkforest577,
    There are people that develop VS later in life after stressful times. This presents an interesting question as to if there are multiple types of VS, or is VS just a generalized collection of symptoms?
    I do agree that VS can create anxiety by staring at it for too long.
  7. darkforest577

    darkforest577 New Member

    they probably just noticed they had it cause they are under stress and paying more attention to details because of anxiety, most people that have vs and that see it as a problem are very observant, all my friends have vs but it doesn't bother them at all, they assume it is normal..( btw all of them into drugs like weed or heroin) but vs is just the visual, of physically seeing it, the other problems are from having the condition, like if you become crippled, obviously it will affect you mentally. I personally hate when people say vs is just anxiety related because that makes no sense, because physically seeing snow is not normal, so no matter how depressed or anxiety you have, how does that make it there or not there? its like saying you have cancer but its just anxiety, you know what i mean? en less snow is normal and everyone has it but anxiety is the cause because it makes people notice it more than others because anxiety enhances your visuals, but not everyone sees it and its not normal according to doctors so, haha, dead end again with its just anxiety. and btw even when im not looking at the snow i still get bad anxiety because i still think about it subconsciously almost always, only if my mind is completely focused do i ever forget about it for short periods. sorry for ranting, its not often i get to discuss this problem with people who care.
  8. Lol you might want to separate your thoughts into paragraphs next time so that it's easier to follow and answer.
    Did your friends develop vs after stating drugs?
    A fair amount of people with vs have anxiety. The rest are pretty chill.
    Yup, I know what you mean when everybody tells you "it's just (insert generic term here" to make your problems seem small and like they're your fault.
    We are responsible for our thoughts, no matter how much we feel like vs causes us to feel anxious or depressed. This is something we must learn to manage ourselves, just like any other normal person. It's a bit more challenging for us, sure, but we can use that in our favor to become more patient with other. At least it feels good to talk about it.
    Relax and ignore. Cliche advice: make the best out of what you've got.
  9. joskit

    joskit New Member

    I feel like my vs causes my anxiety. Some of my earliest memories as a child include experiencing vs and I was never an anxious kid!
  10. Eh, I think that the two are somewhat dependent on each other. I've always been anxious and had VS, neither of which help the other as it seems one adds to the other.
  11. joskit

    joskit New Member

    I guess so, it’s just so frustrating considering there’s no definite answers out there. I’ve had anxiety attacks triggered by vs and sometimes the other way around and by the time you factor in the tinnitus all the symptoms seem like they’re building on one another. Especially since I get intense depersonalisation with the more severe anxiety attacks. I thought I was crazy until I found out there were others out there experiencing this too, that’s helped to ease my anxiety. I’ve discussed a bit of this with my psychiatrist and mental health team and they believe it could be a strange form of epilepsy. I don’t know how bad it got for you guys, but vs and everything that comes with it has had a huge impact in a lot of areas of my life. I hope these epilepsy trials, studies and scans provide some answers :(
  12. Anxiety really sucks, though I feel like I've managed it well through logical reasoning. When I was younger (and a bit more anxious than I am now), I feared storms violent thunderstorms and tornados. Only after I learned that the storms we had, though they were loud, were not strong enough to cause serious damage. During that time, I don't remember seeing an increase in vs during that time or a decrease after my fear of storms subsided, leading me to believe there is no direct relationship between vs and anxiety; It's just a symptom of vs.
    The apparent increase in vs to events perceived as stressful is a normal biological response to have the pupils dilate and take in more light (information), and by extent, let you see more static that you were either ignoring or didn't notice.
    The accumulation of vs symptoms may get overwhelming, but you can't let yourself lose control as it will only get harder to control (see catharsis hypothesis).
    I've heard that it could be epilepsy, but until it's been proved on a larger scale, it's nothing more than a good educated guess.

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