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  1. Sydnem
    Trying to help my brother who has visual snow but is now waking up in semi darkness and no one can tell him whats wrong with him
  2. Sophia Houle
    Sophia Houle
    I've had visual snow for 3 years now since I was about 11, support would be helpful :(
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    2. Gabriel
      Hello Sophia, I am currently 14 and I am just now experiencing visual snow, it feels crushing but you have to stay strong, and never lose hope. There are two doctors working on a cure and some of there study results are coming out by the end of this year, how exciting! So I know how you feel and depression and anxiety hit really hard, but just remember, you are not alone, we are all fighting together :)
      Sep 26, 2016
  3. 20/13 vision
    20/13 vision David Westhead
    Hello. Do you have negative afterimages?